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Past City Champions

Year North Champion South Champion City Champion
1985 Northland Eastmoor Northland
1986 Brookhaven Eastmoor Brookhaven
1987 Brookhaven/Linden/Mifflin Briggs/West West
1988 Brookhaven South Brookhaven
1989 Brookhaven Eastmoor Brookhaven
1990 Northland Eastmoor Eastmoor
1991 Linden/Northland Eastmoor Northland
1992 Linden Marion-Franklin Linden
1993 Brookhaven Marion-Franklin Marion-Franklin
1994 Beechcroft Eastmoor Eastmoor
1995 Brookhaven Independence Independence
1996 Brookhaven Eastmoor Brookhaven
1997 Brookhaven Independence Independence
1998 Brookhaven West West
1999 Brookhaven West West
2000 Brookhaven West West
2001 Brookhaven Independence Brookhaven
2002 Brookhaven Independence Brookhaven
2003 Brookhaven Independence Brookhaven
2004 Brookhaven Independence Brookhaven
2005 Brookhaven Africentric* Africentric*
2006 Brookhaven Marion-Franklin Brookhaven
2007 Northland Eastmoor Northland
2008 Northland Eastmoor Northland
2009 Northland Eastmoor Northland
2010 Northland Marion-Franklin Northland
2011 Northland Walnut Ridge Northland
2012 Northland Walnut Ridge Northland
2013 Northland Africentric Northland
2014 Brookhaven Walnut Ridge Brookhaven
2015 Northland Walnut Ridge Northland
2016 Northland Walnut Ridge Northland
2017 Northland South South
2018 Beechcroft Eastmoor Beechcroft

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