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Ohio Prospect Camp

The Registration "Ohio Prospect Camp" is not currently available.

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The Registration "Ohio Prospect Camp" is not currently available.

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11th/12th Grade Sessions 1-2: Wednesday, July 12

9th-10th Grade Sessions 1-3: Saturday, August 19

5th-6th Grade, 7th-8th Grade Sessions: Saturday, August 26



11th/12th Grade: $100

9th/10th Grade: $100

7th/8th Grade: $85

5th/6th Grade: $75

Refunds will not be given if we don't receive confirmation about your student-athlete not attending within 24 hours of the start of the session they signed up for. 


Event location

Central Crossing High School

4500 Big Run South Road

Grove City, OH 43123

The 11th-12th Grade sessions will be an individual camp for players in the 11th and 12th grade during the live recruiting period in July.  This event will be highly beneficial for upperclassmen looking to be seen by college coaches in the Midwest region and beyond. This camp is open to ANY high school player in Ohio and surrounding states. This is not exclusive to Central Ohio players only. 


We are not greedy or driven strictly by money. Our desire as an organization is to use the platform that God has blessed us with to help young men and women in their high school careers. Aside from helping to get players on a platform to be recruited, we want to love and encourage kids with equal parts truth, grace and accountability. There are plenty of money grab events and organizations in the basketball world, however, that is not 270 Hoops and never has been and never will be. We deliver an authentic and high quality product each time out that just feels different from anything else on the market. That is the gift of God's grace and purpose in our lives and we are thankful to be able to share it with you all.


We have created structured payment packages for each division based on the maximum value prospects can get out of this camp. For upperclassmen, this is a MUST ATTEND event. There are few opportunities throughout the year for genuine college exposure and this camp is one of those few. We will offer our player information packets FREE to college coaches to allow the max number of programs in the gym. We want kids to be seen by a variety of programs at varying levels with varying majors, programs and scholarship packages. Any opportunity in college has the potential to be a life changing opportunity and this camp aims to aid high school prospects in Ohio in that process.


This event will be an individual camp for all non-upperclassmen to help them establish themselves as future prospects at the next level. This event will greatly help the staff at 270 Hoops, as well as other scouts and media sources at the event, identify players with college-level potential before the recruiting process starts for most players. We HIGHLY recommend attending this camp if you want to be considered for future invite-only events put on by 270 Hoops. Last year's event helped us identify a handful of players that we were able to reconnect with, remember and invite to later in the high school season. The more you are seen and identified by the movers and shakers in the basketball world, the better your chances are of being recommended for events that will assist in getting you on the radar of college coaches when the time comes. 

For players in grades 5-8, this is a prime opportunity to see where you stack up against your peers. Last year, we had the opportunity to see a handful of talented young players that we will have our eyes on when they make it to high school. It is highly beneficial to take advantage of this opportunity to play in a high level camp that will be fun for all.

The Registration "Ohio Prospect Camp" is not currently available.