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Coach Vic's Weekly Showcase: Midseason Report

By Zach Fleer, 08/31/16, 11:45AM EDT


We are halfway through Coach Vic's season

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With today being the technical midseason point of Coach Vic's Weekly Showcase, it's been a fun and wild ride through the first four weeks of the event. I will be honest, when I was first given the task of running the event, I was more than overwhelmed.

Most people just see the basketball side of things. Putting together nine teams and having an open gym. But what most people don't realize is the work that goes into the event each week. I spend seven days a week preparing for an event that lasts no longer than two hours. Think about that.

Add into the fact that I have to wash 60 sweaty and smelly basketball jerseys each Sunday, running the event on a logistics side is a hassle in itself. However, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else on Sundays in the fall.

Something that I have admittedly struggled with, however, is deciding which players to invite, and which ones to leave off the list. The process is very hard, and it can weigh on you. There are kids that you really start to like, and want to have at the event each week, but you have to be fair to the rest of the area and state. That means inviting new talent each week and finding ways to get as many deserving players as possible into the event.

You also have to find a way to balance everything out, which can be hard. I try to create  a system where each team has a strong lead guard, wings who can score, and size inside that can rebound, block shots and be a presence on the interior. This process can get throw out of whack when a player drops out the day of the event. Which leaves a team with a gaping hole, that isn't always filled in the strongest way. It also becomes a task when you go to balancing the teams, and finding ways to make sure each player gets a strong chance to win each week. It can be very hard. Especially when you have players who either don't show up, or can't come, and the talent level of some teams may drop off.

But this is the fun in it all. I wanted to write this piece to not only share my experiences as the event director of Coach Vic's, but also give more insight into this year's event and some of the top players that have stood out.

For the last eight years, Coach Vic's has been a battleground of exposure in Ohio, and many players have benefited from this event. I have aimed to continue this legacy that was started by Victor Dandridge, while strengthening the competitiveness and overall talent level of it all. While I have strong ties to Central Ohio, I have made an attempt to continue to bring in out of town talent, which only creates better competition, and exposes Central Ohio talent to what the rest of the state has to offer and vice versa. Being able to do that each week and create highly-anticipated matchups is not only a blessing, but good for the game of basketball overall. I know it may sound cliche, and there are many people in this industry who like to use this phrase when their actions prove otherwise, but Coach Vic's Weekly Showcase is truly about the kids first, and I think we have shown that time over time.

Anyways, let's get to the fun stuff. Basketball!

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