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Ohio Prospect Camp: 5th-8th Grade Top Performers

By Mark Francis Jr. and Zach Fleer, 08/11/22, 9:45AM EDT


A look at the top performers from the 5th-6th grade and 7th-8th grade sessions of the Ohio Prospect Camp

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With over 180 2027, 2028, 2029 and 2030 players in attendance, the Ohio Prospect Camp brought out some of the best talent that Central Ohio has to offer in grades 5-8. The competition was fierce on last weekend as these young men got after it in the drill sessions and the five-on-five games that had a couple of bangers involved. Every young man that took part in the camp left as a better player and, more importantly, a better person. While no young man had a bad camp, check out which players stood out last weekend.

5th-6th Grade Session I

Senoj Jones (4'8 PG / Gahanna South / 2029): This young man has maturity beyond his years at the point guard position. We immediately were impressed with Jones' leadership ability during drills, as he was comfortable communicating with his teammates and putting them where they needed to be. Our level of excitement increased when we watched Jones play, as he was the best all-around guard in the gym, showing a fully-stocked offensive game, advanced feel in the pick and roll and the ability to hit outside jumpers consistently. Defensively, Jones picked up the best player on the opposing team every game and made the type of impact that helped lead his team to a championship. After the graduation of another great Jones point guard, Gahanna will be blessed once again when Senoj hits the scene in a few years. 

Dominick Womack Jr. (5'11 dual forward / Africentric / 2029): Woah. Womack Jr. has incredible upside. The 5-foot-11 wing, who was affectionately called "Bron Bron" by his camp coach, was the most dominant player in the gym on Saturday. No other player had his ability to dominate the glass and immediately start the break, where he was a relentless finisher at the basket. Womack towers above his peers and is a tremendous rebounder and defender, traits that come with the high motor that he possesses. If Womack continues to develop at this rate, he could be one of the very best prospects in the state by the time he enters high school. 

Steve Blackmon (5'0 hybrid guard / Gahanna South / 2029): Gahanna South has a backcourt you do not want to mess with. While Jones left the camp with a title, Blackmon certainly made him work for it, as this young baller was the most entertaining player in the camp. Blackmon exudes confidence and bravado, as he had no problem letting his game speak for itself, but was equally as frustrating with his ability to get under the skin of opposing players. Blackmon is a very talented scorer that gives as much effort and intensity on the defensive end of the floor. We hope to see Blackmon continue to expand his game as he matures and gets older. 

Shayvez Hurd Yelder (5'6 SG / Groveport Central / 2029): We were completely blown away when Hurd Yelder shared with us that he's only been playing organized basketball for a year. The 5-foot-6 guard was one of the deadliest scorers in the gym on Saturday, as he has impressive speed, length and versatility at his position. Hurd Yelder formed a bonafide backcourt with Blackmon, Pickerington's Ashton Spiva and Coshocton's Leo Laapar, as this four-headed monster was a problem for opposing teams. Hurd Yelder knocked down the three ball consistently and was one of the day's best playmakers on the defensive end of the floor. Keep an eye on this young man as he continues to mature and add to his skill set. 

Trey Deloney (5'4 SF / Africentric / 2029): One of the most impressive athletes in the gym, Deloney popped off the radar on Saturday. We love his versatility on both ends of the floor and the expanded offensive game that he displayed. Africentric is well stocked in talent at the middle school level, as Deloney, Womack Jr. and Ke'Shawn Babbs were three of the very best prospects in the camp and will carry the Nubian legacy onward when they join the high school program in three years. 

Chandler Jackson (5'1 hybrid guard / Newark / 2029): Jackson was probably the most prolific scorer coming into the event and he certainly showed why on Saturday. His skill set is advanced off the dribble, as he can create offense for himself at will. He really impressed later in the day when he came down the floor and knocked down back to back threes off the dribble, creating space and making both shots with a hand in his face. Jackson is uber talented and has the ability to dominate a game on the offensive end. Additional growth on the defensive end of the floor will help him to be even more effective in all areas of his game. 

Chase Hodge (5'2 SG / Berwick Alternative / 2029): While his team struggled in the 5 on 5 segment of the camp, Hodge was impressive in the drills portion of the camp. The 5-foot-2 guard is a talented scorer who has one of the best finishers in the camp. Hodge attends a Berwick program that is a guard FACTORY, producing Jeremiah Francis, Arness Lawson, Jaden and Jakhi Calloway just in the last few years.  If Hodge can follow that line, he was be in great shape heading into high school.

7th-8th Grade Session I

Luca Filia (5'5 hybrid guard / Olentangy Berkshire / 2027): The MVP of the session, Filia is an absolute bucket getter at the lead guard spot. He plays with a swagger and confidence that is infectious and spread to the rest of his championship squad. Filia is very effective attacking off the bounce, as he has a great feel for what the defense is going to do to combat him, as he had more impressive driving buckets than anyone else in the event. The rising eighth grader can hit perimeter shots while being an impactful team defender. Berkshire is loaded at the high school level and Filia looks to be yet another talented guard to come through the pipeline. 

Shane Frantz (6'2 SF / Sidney Lehman Catholic / 2027): Frantz is long, mobile and has a very intriguing skill set. From the Northwest part of the state, Frantz will be one of the better small school players to keep an eye on going forward. We loved the way he ran the floor, handled the ball and scored with versatility. Keep an eye on Frantz going forward, as he looks like he's not yet done growing, while already having a quality skill set on the perimeter. 

Brian Ceol (6'1 SG / Olentangy Berkshire / 2027): Ceol is one of the most fluid athletes we've ever seen at this age. He's long, agile, explosive and offers impressive body control. His skill set is still developing, along with his feel, however, Ceol has the type of upside that could land him among the area's elite prospects in a few years. Berkshire continues to load up with high level middle school prospects. 

Jaleel Vincent (5'5 PG / Bridgeport / 2027): One of the smoothest guards in the camp, Vincent impressed as a playmaker and shot maker on Saturday. Vincent plays with extreme confidence, applies great pressure on defense and has playmaking ability both as a scorer and passer. Attending a small school in eastern Ohio, Vincent will be a sleeper guard prospect to watch over the next few years.

Mark Pinkston III (4'11 PG / Gahanna South / 2028): Had his team won the championship, Pinkston III would've been MVP of the camp. The smooth Gahanna guard was terrific all day long, carving up defense after defense and making a litany of plays for himself and others. Gahanna South is an elite guard factory and Pinkston III is just the latest to come out of the program. His smaller stature and cornrows reminded us of Allen Iverson with the way he was torturing opponents on Saturday. 

Samajey Andrews (6'5 PF / Harvest Prep / 2028): Andrews was the biggest player in the event across all sessions and did not disappoint. The 6-foot-5 big man is a physical post presence who alters shots at the rim and is a force around the basket. Andrews rebounded well, blocked shots and scored at the basket. As he adds more coordination and ball skills to his lengthy frame, Andrews will have a chance to develop into a very good big man. 

Diego Grey (5'7 SF / Groveport Central / 2027): It's the size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight. On a team that was very undersized, Grey stepped up and made a huge impact athletically. Helping his team to the championship, Grey was a do-it-all utility player, impacting the game across multiple levels with his hustle and effort. He was a rebounding force and defensive presence for his team that finished stronger than any other in the event. 

Ty'Vair Pollard (5'9 SF / Licking Heights / 2027): Much like his teammate Grey, Pollard was the other wing who stepped up and played like a big man for the championship squad. Pollard is very rangy athletically and has a terrific motor. He made a few "wow" plays in the playoff rounds, giving his team the extra boost it needed athletically to overcome some high quality opponents. Licking Heights is absolutely loaded at the middle school level and Pollard is another one of the those talented prospects for the Hornets. 

Malachi Washington (5'6 SG / Ridgeview / 2027): On a team loaded with guards, Washington stood out as he helped lead his team to the championship. The Ridgeview guard is an athletic two way player that really competes on both ends. When his team needed a bucket, Washington delivered, as he was one of a handful of elite role players on his championship team. We look forward to watching Washington develop in the coming years.

Evan Allgood (5'6 SF / Grace Christian / 2028): We never compare prep prospects to NBA players, because, duh, however, Allgood is an elite level role player that had a Draymond Green type impact on his championship team. Perhaps the best passer in the event, Allgood is the type of player that impacts winning in every way and checks all the boxes. While we know he can score, we were most impressed with Allgood's vocal communication, feel for the game, defensive awareness and ability to rebound and make difficult passes look routine in transition. Allgood and school teammate Brooks Norman are a one-two punch that is worth the price of admission. 

Jordan Sanders (5'6 SG / Pickerington Ridgeview / 2027): Sanders was one of the stronger, more athletic scoring guards in the event. We loved the aggressiveness that he played with, as he did not back down from any matchup and constantly found his way into the paint. Ridgeview is loaded in the backcourt and Sanders looks to be yet another quality guard to come into the Pickerington Central program.

Jeffrey Reynolds II (6'2 PF / St. Joseph Montessori / 2027): We really enjoyed watching Reynolds II play. He has great length and good shooting touch from the perimeter. Reynolds runs the floor well, has good ball skills and as we mentioned, can shoot it from all over. As Reynolds adds strength and physicality to his game, he could be a sleeper prospect in this 2027 class long term.

Jayden Jordan (5'11 SG / Cleveland / 2027): A late entry to the event, Jordan impressed coming down from Northeast Ohio. The lengthy wing is a talented shot making scorer who comes from a great family. We saw limited action of him, however, we are confident that he will continue to develop into a quality two way player that will be an impactful high school player. 

7th-8th Grade Session II

Antwon Pollard (Harvest Prep / 2027 / 6’0 F): One of the better players all afternoon long was the Harvest Prep big man, putting a myriad of skills on display in front of the coaches and 270 staff in attendance. He went game-speed during the drills and showed he was serious about using the day to get better. Pollard has a high athletic ceiling and combined that with a nice shooting touch and the ability to finish at the rim. The best part of this kid was in the championship game when he did not start, he cheered his team on until he got in the game; staying engaged and making an impact on the sideline.

Ryker Williams (Indian Valley / 2027 / 5’10 F): The MVP of the championship game, Williams competed at a high level the entire afternoon and made winning plays when it was gametime. He treated drill reps like they were game reps, which is so important when trying to unlock new levels to your game. Once the games began, Williams was efficient on offense, hitting shots on every level and distributing the ball to his teammates where they could score as well. On defense, Williams used his strength to force offensive players into tough shots and turnovers. A bright future is ahead for this young man, with a world of potential on the court. 

Zach Mills (Jackson MS / 2027 / 5’3 G): Mills was an all-around solid player who consistently made winning plays during the live game action. The 8th grader played at his own pace and was able to make some excellent passes to put his team in position to score. Mills also put the ball in the basket himself, showing he could score on every level. As this young man progresses, he will without a doubt be one of the better guards in the area. 

Israel Ludaway (Finland MS / 2027 / 5’6 G): Wise beyond his years on the court, Ludaway had one of the best all-around games at the camp this past Sunday. An excellent passer with great vision, Ludaway was on-point when he distributed the ball. This young man also showed off a smooth handle of the ball with the ability to get into the lane off his first step. Ludaway used his lengthy frame to pick up steals on defense and not allow ball handlers to get around him. He wokred hard, was excellent during the drills and was able to translate that into his game performance, something that is extremely important to coaches in the area.

Braylon Carter (Johnson Park / 2027 / 5’3 G): An explosive ball handler with the ability to get the rim with one dribble from the perimeter, Carter stayed in attack mode all afternoon. The lefty loves to use the left side of the court to get to the rim where he can hurt defenses by finishing at the rim or shooting a floater over them. Carter can also hit jumpers from deep in crunch time, burying a triple as time was running down in the first game to send it to overtime. A favorite of this writer because of his constant attacking of the rim, this young man will be one of the better middle school guards in the City League this season. 

Gabriel Tucker (Bexley / 2028 / 5’8 G): Tucker gets better everytime I see him play, his decision making, shooting and point guard leadership were displayed Sunday afternoon at the Ohio Prospect Camp. Gabe was sharp during the drills, talking on defense and going hard during that period of the camp. In the five-on-five games, Tucker was effective getting to the basket and knocking down jump shots from deep. He was a leader on the court, getting his teammates in the correct place on the both ends and encouraging them when he was sitting down. If his trajectory continues, which I know it will because this kid works, he will be one of scariest guards to defend in a couple of seasons.

Antwoine Mister (Emmanuel Christian / 2027 / 5’11 F): Another bouncy young man who could get in the air with the best of them at this event and got really close to throwing down a dunk. Mister was energetic and made plays on the ends of the court to help his team rake up a couple of victories before falling short in the semi-final game. This young man showed that he can score in half court and especially in transition with an array of moves inside and being a really good finisher while being crowded around in the paint. Young men with motors will always stand out at event like this and Mister was no exception. 

Maddox Hoban  (Licking Heights / 2027 / 5’11 F): Quite possible the fastest player end-to-end in the building, Hoban was tremendous in transition, flying past defenders for easy baskets and coming close to dunking the ball several times to show just how athletic he is. Hoban was effective in the paint on both ends of the court, being able to finish around the rim while guarding the biggest guy on the other end. This young man was able to put the ball on the floor and get around bigger defenders plus shoot over shorter young men. Hoban has so much potential, showing out at this camp was only the first step.

Caleb Woods (Berwick / 2028 / 4’11 G): The shortest player at the camp with the biggest heart and the least amount of fear, Woods would try almost shot against any defender, no matter how much taller the defender was. Woods guarded whoever was asked of him and did it while showing toughness and the ability to slide his feet really well. His quick release serves him well and will come in handy as he continues to grow. After Coach Bowman retired over the summer, the new backcourt at Berwick looks to be ready to continue the legacy she and the other players left behind.

Brandon Francis Jr. (Berwick / 2028 / 5’1 G): Being one of the smallest guys in the building is never easy but this kids toughness made up for this lack of height. Francis showed an improved jump shot during the drills and good ball placement along with vision while playing in the five-on-five games. He played the ball well while it was in the air, picking up a couple of steals that way and had a handful of assists as well to help his team pick up wins. If this seventh grader continues to put the time in then he could be a really solid player.

Reuben Holmes (Woodward Park / 2027 / 6’4 F): The tallest player at the event on Sunday, Holmes played like it by using his size and strength to be a paint beast while also showing that he could hit shots from mid-range as well. Holmes was the first and only young man to throw down a dunk on Sunday afternoon, punishing the rim at his young age. Camps are usually tough for low post bigs, but Holmes was able to not only hit jumpers but showcase his nice footwork and dominate on the defensive end. He blocked shots, changed more and seemed to grab every rebound in his area. Holmes’ coach raves about him and with good reason, he is an excellent young man that works hard and respects others, things that are more important than his next level basketball talent. 

Reinaldo Perez (Licking Heights / 2027 / 6’3 F): Perez may have had the best footwork in the building, consistently using his footwork to create space both driving and in the post. Perez was also a really good roll man off the screen, with good hands and being able to finish at the rim with ease. He showed that he could handle the ball in transition well and that he could break his defender down when called on and get to the basket. He moved his feet well on defense as well, forcing players to shoot over him and rarely falling for pump fakes in the paint which is something that bigs at this age can struggle with. Licking Heights will have a really good team as a couple of their players came and had a really good camp on Sunday afternoon. 

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