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Ohio Prospect Camp Session III: Top Performers

By Mark Francis, 08/05/22, 5:30PM EDT


Our scout highlighted the final session's most impressive performances

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With nearly 80 players in attendance, Session III of the Ohio Prospect Camp brought out some impressive talent that was showcased in front of numerous college coaches across all levels.

Our scout writer, Mark Francis Jr., was on hand and highlighted below the session's top performers. 

Trey Cady ( Olentangy / 2024 /  6’4 F): What a fire show he put on display last Thursday! Cady was a knockdown shooter and did it primarily off the catch. He showcased a quick release and the ability to get his shot off over the stretched-out arms of defenders. Cady spaced the floor effectively while moving without the ball in his hands and showed off his burner once the ball got in his hands. The incoming junior is blessed with a nice wingspan and defended really well in the five-on-five period.   

Jordan Ferguson ( Fostoria / 2024 / 6’3 G): Ferguson was one of the most complete players in the third session, being able to do a little bit of everything on both ends of the court. The junior is a good athlete that can block shots really well for his size and get in passing lanes to turnover the other team. He can finish at the rim very well, getting skinny to get through traffic and working using his athleticism in different ways going to the basket. Fostoria has an interesting prospect that they hope to continue to utilize to his best abilities.

Javonn Newsom ( Licking Heights / 2024 / 6’2 G): Maybe the best defender that I saw all afternoon, Newsom was tremendous on that side of the court. He got his team in transition with his ability to get his hands on the basketball in passing lanes while being able to cause turnovers from the offensive players using his on-ball defense. On offense, Newsom proved that he could hit timely shots and finish at the rim. The young man has a nice frame that will see him get stronger as the years progress and Licking Heights will reap the benefits of having him around.

Jack Huskey ( Olentangy / 2023 / 5’9 G): The strap this young man has was put on full view for the college coaches in attendance to see. Huskey was able to put every type of jump shot on display last Thursday, draining them off the catch, off the bounce, pump fakes, and more were in his bag all afternoon. This lefty has a quick release and does not need much space to make things happen with his jumper, once he squared his shoulders, it seemed to always go in. Huskey is a sleeper senior that will catch eyes as the season wears on, especially if he continues to affect the game the way he did last week.

Slater Search ( Circleville / 2024 / 6’4 F): He didn’t have to search long for his total game to shine during the camp. On the defensive end, Search used his long arms and knowledge of playing down low to block some shots and alter a couple more. He also flashed a nice handle of the basketball as he worked on expanding his game during the opening drills. The junior will come into this season with renewed confidence and will look to get on more college radars following his performance.

Anthony Januzzi ( Open Door Christian / 2024 / 5’10 G): A quick guard with an explosive handle and quick feet, Januzzi put on an impressive performance during the third session. The junior used his handle to create space and get around defenders for mid-range and deep jumpers. Defenders were on their heels all afternoon because of Januzzi’s handle and that allowed him to get going on the offensive end. As an all-county and all-conference guard, Januzzi definitely caught some eyes last season and after his performance last Thursday more schools were put on notice.

Tyler Kropp ( Olentangy Liberty / 2025 / 6’7 F): Kropp was a big physical presence all afternoon long, redirecting ball handlers away from the rim and affecting shots when someone chose to shoot over him. He was able to use his size to bang inside with other bigs and put some of his post and pinch-post moves on display, showcasing a nice touch around the rim and the ability to pass the ball when he is double teamed. Olentangy Liberty’s sophomore big also proved that he could step out and hit jumpers as well, impressing coaches in attendance. Kropp is poised for a big year this upcoming season and this camp was only the first step.

Owen Emig ( Warsaw River View / 2023 / 6’1 G): Another one of the best shooters in the building on Thursday, Emig heated up a couple times on court 3 while this writer was watching. Emig has multiple games of knocking in six three’s during a game while at Warsaw and it was on display at the camp. His ability to catch and shoot is next level and when defenders bite on the pump fake, he was able to get in the paint and make plays. The senior has a quick release and is not phased by defenders flying past him. Emig was also a quality defender, staying in front of his man and making offensive players take tough shots over him. Competing at a high level last week, Emig put his name in the minds of plenty of college coaches in attendance.

Brody Border ( Warsaw River View / 2023 / 5’11 G): Meshing well with Emig, as they are teammates at school, he was the glue that held things together for his team. He distributed the ball around all afternoon and kept the ball moving at a pace that had the defense reeling. Border was never rushed when the ball was in his hands and routinely made the right basketball play for his team. The senior also hit his share of shots on the afternoon as well, showing off his shooting stroke and the ability to get in the lane when he needs to. He was solid on the defensive side too by not getting blown past and fighting threw every screen that was set on him. Border and Emig make an outstanding backcourt duo, and they look to continue their success with their team this season.

Jose Martinez ( West / 2023 / 6’0 G): A solid guard that played with nice pace and could speed up and slow down to confuse the defender. Martinez also put his jumper on display and buried some nice looking jumpers from mid range and deep as well. His handle of the ball was crisp and he sold his pump fakes really well on his jump shots, getting the defense off balance as he got to the cup. Martinez is part of the rebuild that is going on, on the westside of Columbus and looks to help that program come up in the City League this upcoming season.

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