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All Ohio Super 16: Top Performers

By Chintoo Deora, 05/27/22, 3:45PM EDT


A look at some of the top performers from this past weekend's Super 16

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With the spring season of AAU coming to a close for a lot of teams, this was the last chance to catch some great basketball. I was at the All Ohio Super Sixteen tournament which was the second event hosted by All Ohio this year. I saw a ton of high-level players in both the 2024 and 2025 classes. Below are some of the top players that I saw at this tournament. 


Jeb Bischoff/Mid Ohio Pumas Adidas Gold 2024/Hilliard Bradley/2024

The top scorer on the day was Bischoff with 21 points on seven made threes. One of the best shooters in all of central Ohio, he went 7/11 (63%) from three. Anyone who can shoot the ball like that will be playing basketball for a very long time. The pre-shot preparation is second to none and the shot mechanics are elite. He moves really well without the ball and relocates well after passing up shots. He is part of a really good 2024 class for Bradley and can continue his elite shooting next year.  

Mason Shrout//All Ohio Red 16U/Preble Shawnee/2024

Some guys just get buckets and Shrout is one of them. He is one of the best scorers I have seen all spring in the 2024 class. He has a really quick first step and with his length, he finished well at the rim. He finished with floaters, runners, and off the glass. His jumper is pure and he led his team with 18 points. He hit two threes with one coming off the bounce and one from a screen. Shrout is a top player in the class and for good reason. 

Ethan Stokes/Ohio Buckets Horne/Oak Harbor/2025

Stokes is a very fluid offense player and plays well beyond his years. His jump shots came almost exclusively off the bounce, showing his ability to create space. He was able to rise up over anyone on the floor and drop in 14 points. He was rarely denied the ability to get to his spot and hit a shot. Stokes plays with great pace and is someone I hope that I can watch again this summer. 

Shaheem Nieves/Mid Ohio Pumas Mills/Thomas Worthington/2024

Nieves is a guy that impressed me during the high school season and most definitely impressed me in this game. He is excellent around the rim and finished with 19 points to lead his lead. Nieves has a knack for drawing fouls inside but can also finish through the contact. He is a plus athlete and flushed home a big-time transition dunk. Nieves is also a solid defender and came up with a few steals. He is a top 2024 player in central Ohio and I hope I can catch him again this summer. 

Kayden Schaffer/Mid Ohio Pumas Sever/Bishop Ready/2025

The varsity experience that Schaffer had during the season really showed during this game. He just played at a higher level than everyone else on the court. He showed excellent shot creation inside and was almost automatic near the basket. Whenever he gets a chance, he pushes the ball up the floor and created offense for his team time after time. The most impressive thing about Schaffer was his off-ball movement. He rolls off screens well and knows exactly when to cut to the rim for easy baskets. 

Moussa Sidme/All Ohio Select 15U/Gahanna/2025

There is always room in basketball for pure athletes who just fly around the court and Sidme is exactly this. He explodes with the ball in his hand and also skies high to contest at the rim. He also can give you some on the offensive end. His athleticism was on full display in transition and diving to the rim. He also stepped out to knock down a three-ball which was very impressive. With Gahanna losing a lot of talent, Sidme could be a guy who contributes next season. 

Tyler McKinley/All Ohio Red 16U/Walnut Hills/2024

McKinley is by far the best defensive player I have seen all spring. His rare combination of size and agility makes him impossible to score on. He moves extremely well and is comfortable guarding one through five. McKinley is also an elite interior defender and sent a couple of shots into the bleachers. There is a reason is he one of if not the top player in the state for his class. He has been one of the top scorers during the EYBL sessions and has gained a ton of interest this spring. 

Alex Bruskotter/Ohio Buckets Garcia/Shelby/2024

Bruskotter embodies the modern stretch forward and had a great shooting day with 18 points. He hit a couple of triples from pick and pops situations and one off the dribble. He also hit a three-off a pick and roll. He was great a reading screens and seeing if the defender would go over or under. He has a great feel for the game and knows when to take his shot and when to pass out. He was also able to cut inside for a few nice finishes at the rim. 

Amare Spiva/All Ohio Select 15U/Pickerington Central/2025

Spiva is a do-it point guard who showed great flashes in this game. He is really good at the rim and finished with both hands effectively. He is quick which allowed him to get past defenders easily. He also rarely lost the ball and showed great composure when running the offense. Spiva passed it well and racked up a ton of assists. Pick Central just seems to produce good guards again and again.


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