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NeXT Basketball 8th Grade Summer League: Week 2 Top Performers

By Trevor Grady, 06/11/21, 12:30PM EDT


We take a look at the top performers of Week 2 of the NBL

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The NeXT Basketball 8th Grade Summer league continued action this week on Tuesday and Thursday night. There was a lot of very competitive action play once again, and lots of players stood out. Let’s take a closer look at this week’s top performers.

Alex Smith (F / UA Jones / 2026): Alex Smith showed great control with the ball, especially for someone with as much length as he has. He really knows how to use that length too, collecting two blocks in the first half, and adding on two more demoralizing ones in the second half as well. Smith is also a talented passer, both in transition and from the post. He led his squad to a 37-34 win over Olentangy Shanahan.

Brylan Brown (G / Worthington McCord / 2026): Brylan Brown had a great game on Thursday night in his team’s narrow 28-24 loss to Dublin Sells. He was very efficient attacking off the dribble, and was able to draw lots of fouls in the second half to get his team back in the game late. Brown showed great confidence every time he had the ball.

Levi Davis (G / Olentangy Berkshire / 2026): Levi Davis had a great week once again. His Berkshire squad has as good of an argument as any team for being the best in the summer league, and Davis is a huge reason why. He is a super intelligent defender who is consistently getting in passing lanes. He showed off some craftiness around the rim with two double clutch layups in the first half. Davis pulled up for three in transition and knocked it down with ease. He has an outstanding knack for when to pass and when to finish in transition. He led Berkshire to an easy 59-31 win over Olentangy Orange.

Treyton Schroeder (PG / Olentangy Berkshire / 2026): Treyton Schroeder had another great week again, and showed off his elite court vision for a second week in a row. Schroeder is one of the calmest guards at the summer league and it rubs off on his teammates. He has great touch on his free throw line floater, and he handles the ball with a confidence that doesn’t allow defenders to pressure him.

Jamarcus Jones (F / Harvest Prep / 2026): Led by Jamarcus Jones, Harvest Prep is another team that could make an argument for being the best in the league. Jones had another great week, and showed his athleticism from the start. He was flying all over the court and brought great energy for his team. Jones also played some outstanding perimeter defense this week.

Cooper Craig (G / Dublin Grizzell / 2026): Cooper Craig is a guy who never stops working. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time, and he is able to get lots of rebounds that you wouldn’t expect a guy his size to get. Craig also showed off his impressive finishing ability again this week.

Paul Wilson (PG / Harvest Prep / 2026): Paul Wilson is just super fun to watch. The way he navigates the court is extremely impressive, and it is very evident that he works on his game a ton. His size on the floor is on the small side, but he never lets it bother him. Wilson can finish through contact with the best of them.

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